Things to do in Nyerere National park : Nyerere national park is a wonderful Tanzania national park as well as a safari destination offering a wide range of safari activities providing the park’s visitors with opportunities to enjoy its beauty. Among the most popular Tanzania safari activities to do in Nyerere national park include game drives, bird watching, walking safaris and boat safaris

Nyerere national park is located in the Southern part of Tanzania along the Southern Tanzania safari circuit, the park is considered to be among the best gems in Tanzania. From Dar es Salaam, the park is located about 219 kilometers and may take about 4 hours of drive.

Game drives

Game viewing drives in Nyerere national park are the most fascinating activity to enjoy during your safari, this wildlife oriented activity can be done in morning or afternoon. Game drives offer visitors of the park an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park and also spot different animal species as they freely wander in the park and congregate around water source such as River Rufji. Some of the animals to look out for include giraffes, zebras, cape buffaloes and many bird species such as African fish eagle among others.

Game drives in Nyerere national park are done in custom – modified 4x4s and highly trained driver – guides who will take you through the rough terrain to discover the incredible nature, crossing lower river and overcoming steep gullies to cruising over vast open plains.

Cultural visits

Cultural visit in Nyerere national park provides visitors with an opportunity to visit the indigenous Maasai people who are still one of the few tribes in the world with culture and traditions which are not affected by modernity and technology.

The Maasai people are a famous nomadic tribe for their unique way of life, their colorful dressing, carefully crafted  circular bomas – huts and during your visit to their traditional village known as the manyattas. You will get a deeper insight into their way of life through interacting with them, participate in herding cattle and goats and be entertained by local dances and drama.

Walking Safari

Walking safari in Nyerere national park offers a unique adventure while on your safari which is why it is one of the top things to do, walking safaris offers tourists an opportunity to soak up the sounds, smells and the colors of the bush in Nyerere which cannot be experienced during the game drives.

During the walking safari you guide may lead you to closer encounters with several animals in the wilderness such as elephants as they are drinking at watering hole, trek to a kopje’s peak so as to discover what lies beyond it. Depending on your fitness, your guide will choose the best suited terrain for you to enjoy. Visitors who are ready for a challenge can take the rocky uphill paths and for those who simply wish to stretch out their limbs, can enjoy a slower- paced walk with a few stops to admire various tree species, birds and animals.

nyerere national park walking safari

Fly camping

As part of a walking safari in Nyerere national park, it is possible to spend a night under the stars in private away from the lodge. The activity offers tourists an opportunity to enjoy African wilderness together with animals, visitors get to feel as close to nature as possible.

As the day ends, you arrive at the camp together with the guide, with a crackling open fire, drinks on ice are waiting for you. You can have a shower under the a hanging bucket of warm water, after a delicious 3 course dinner served under the stars, you can relax in your tent and sleep comfortably, surrounded by the sounds of nature. Guides ensure that you are safe.

Photography safari

Nyerere national park is a great destination for wildlife and nature photographers as it host a collection of African wildlife, culture, magnificent landscapes, blazing sunsets or creatures which a great to capture by your lens while on the safari.

During  photography safari in Nyerere national park you will be assisted by some of the experienced guides to get you to the right place at a right time for some spectacular shots. Expect to take some jaw-dropping photos of animals, with assistance from a good guide who is able to predict the movements and behaviors of the wildlife.

Boat safari

Boat safaris in Nyerere national park is one of the amazing ways to explore and enjoy Nyerere national park, this beautiful activity is done on the many canals and lakes in the park.

The boat safaris take about 2hours and can be done either in the morning or in the afternoon, in the morning hours there is a beautiful light – unless it is cloudy and in the afternoon there is a great chance of seeing crocodiles because temperatures are higher. The afternoon boat safari offers visitors an opportunity to sail during sunset.

When to visit Nyerere national park

The best time of the year to visit Selous Game Reserve is from June to October which is known as the peak tourist season in Tanzania, this period of the year is dry with remarkable game viewing opportunities as the biggest crowds of animals are usually seen congregating on watering holes.