Selous Game Reserve is the naturalist’s dream reserve offering the epitome of the bush wilderness experience in Tanzania. It is the most natural unexploited, diverse and adventurous game reserve.

Safari in Style

Selous Game Reserve offers the ultimate wilderness bush experience and the most authentic safari experience still existing at this day and age. It is Africa’s second largest game reserve and the wildlife is bountiful in this naturalist’s dream destination. The largely unexplored bush being home to a big variety of birds’ species, extensive densities of large mammals and the endangered Wild Dogs still roam freely in this special part of the world. The waters of the great Rufiji River play host to a huge variety of fish species and abundant Hippos and Crocodiles.

Game Drives

The game drives are tailor-made according to the guests’ desire, interests, preference and schedule. They range from a half day to full day game drives depending on one’s wish and the season in place. Safari vehicles on use are specially converted 4×4 Land Cruisers to ensure comfort and reliability during the game viewing activity. This entire area is always teeming with wildlife hence memorable sightings are assured. The resident guides at the lodge are fully conversant with the reserve and the surrounding areas and they were all handpicked due to their ability to produce great interpretive experience and to polish their hospitality skills, they have all undergone an intensive in-house training.

Boat Safari

Boating in Selous game Reserve is a once in a life time experience. With a multitude of destinations, ranging from the main course of the Rufiji river to the many lateral canals and various lakes, it gives a wonderful opportunity to see up close the picturesque view of the Ox-bow lakes, beautiful birds, water based animals like Crocodile and Hippos as well as a lot of other animal species coming to the river banks to quench their thirst and cool down after warm days. Fishing is another permitted activity in Selous area as plenty of Tiger and Cat Fish are available in the various water bodies found here.


There is no better way to get up close and personal to the wild Africa than on a walking safari. Accompanied by an experienced guide, learn about the flora, fauna and all the other little things to make you understand the ways of the indigenous peoples that live and survive in the area.

It is a great feeling to know that you are treading on the tracks of the wild animals that might have walked on the same path just minutes before you.